Our project through the “EverestingItaly.it” site collects Everesting attempt requests, making them an event to be shared on our social channels so that the attempt can be a starting point for other cyclists to learn about this activity. All requests are supported from the moment of the request until the homologation request and all this is absolutely free !!! through our channels we give the opportunity to make our adventure known and help to spread the “everesting spirit”.

EverestingItaly is a “small community” and has NO direct connection with everesting.cc which remains the ONLY official source, managed by the Hells500 guys with whom we share daily mutual respect !! Everestingitaly was born with a popular purpose and supports / promotes all everesting attempts in Italy and some directly / indirectly takes care of the organization !!! Participants in EverestingItaly events have NEVER paid and will NEVER pay any contribution because the events are and will ALWAYS be free !!! EverestingItaly has never ridiculed or discredited people and their activities (whatever they are) and NEVER will do so and above all NEVER feed forms of controversy !!! EverestingItaly is NOT a company and those who take care of its awareness / development do so in their spare time, sometimes little and removed from primary activities such as family / work !!! EverestingItaly loves climbs and rides without any form of competition but only for the pleasure of sharing fatigue and emotions in the country with the most beautiful climbs in the world !!!

Have a good ride to all !!!